Alleluia, Jesus Lives!

A Eucharistic hymn for the Resurrection of Our Lord.

1. Alleluia, Jesus lives!
Over death He reigns victorious!
Life eternal to us gives
In His Supper blest and glorious.
Alleluia, let us sing,
Unto Christ our conquering King!

2. Alleluia, hail the Feast
Of the Lamb who lives forever.
Christ our Celebrant and Priest
Bids us feast death’s bond to sever.
Alleluia, taste and see
Christ from sin has set us free!

3. Alleluia, take and eat
Our Redeemer’s risen Body.
Feed upon death’s great defeat;
Christ’s own Flesh does grace embody.
Alleluia, Bread of Life,
Cleanse our sin and end our strife.

4. Alleluia, take the Cup
Of God’s everlasting salvation.
Drink His Blood, upon it sup;
And taste Sin’s Propitiation!
Alleluia, Christ the Vine
Gives us holy drink divine.

5. Alleluia, make us one
With You, here at this Your altar.
Dwell in us, O Holy Son.
Grant us faith that will not falter.
Alleluia, Prince of Peace,
Your great love in us increase.

6. Alleluia, bless the Lord!
Raise the shouts of high thanksgiving.
Sing to Christ, our God adored;
Word Eternal, everliving.
Alleluia, Paschal Creed,
Christ is risen, risen indeed!

Text: ©2019 Vicente Solorzano


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