Love the Lord Your God

A hymn paraphrase of the Commandments and their explanations from the Small Catechism.

1. Love the Lord your God and serve Him
With full heart, and soul and mind.
For this is the great commandment,
And God’s will for all mankind.
You should love also your neighbour
Even as you love yourself.
On these two hang all the prophets,
Taught to us by Christ, Himself.

2. Have no other gods before Him.
Fear and trust in God alone.
He will ever bless and keep you,
For He loves you as His own.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
Of One Substance, three in One,
Is the One true God, our Maker,
Shown to us in Christ, the Son.

3. Bless God’s Name, do not misuse it.
Hallow it in all you do.
With His Name be always truthful,
For Christ lived and died for you.
Jesus, name above all others,
At its’ sound we bend the knee.
We will call Your Name in trouble,
And give thanks, as it should be.

4. Ever listen, love and cherish
Faithful preaching of Christ’s Word.
Go to church, receive forgiveness
From the pastors of the Lord.
And receive Christ’s Holy Supper
Of His Body and His Blood.
They your faith will surely strengthen,
And will stem sin’s awful flood.

5. Love your father and your mother.
Honour them for all your days.
Do not hate or make them angry,
But obey them in your ways.
God has given to our parents
His authority o’er us;
To protect, to love and keep us
Safe from harm, and ever thus.

6. Love your neighbour, do not harm him.
Care for him in every need.
Do not hate, despise or loathe him.
Love him both in word and deed.
Jesus bids us not to murder
With our hands or in our heart.
Keep us faithful to this teaching,
Lord to us Your grace impart.

7. Love the Lord, and love your neighbour
By remaining chaste and pure.
Husbands, love your wives and serve them;
Let your marriage vows endure.
As for wives, respect your husbands,
And to them be ever true.
God has joined you both together
That Christ’s love would shine through you.

8. Love your neighbour, help and serve him.
His possessions do not take.
Help him to protect and keep all
That he has for his own sake.
All good gifts come from the Father,
Who gives them to us in grace.
Neighbour’s goods then we should care for,
Their protection to embrace.

9. Love your neighbour in your speaking.
Let your words of him be true.
Do not slander or betray him,
Lies of him always eschew.
A good name outranks all riches.
We should strive then to maintain
The good name of our blest neighbour,
And to keep it free from stain.

10. Love your neighbour, do not covet
His inheritance or house.
Help him with his home’s safekeeping,
It’s protection to espouse.
Covet not his wife or workers.
But encourage them to stay,
And fulfill their bond and duty.
You must not lead them astray.

11. If we keep the Lord’s commandments,
He will bless us by His grace.
And He will not seek to punish,
But His love will us embrace.
Christ Your Word imparts great wisdom
With a truth that invokes awe;
Love does no wrong to a neighbour,
Therefore love fulfills the law.

Text: ©2019 Vicente Solorzano




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