Here At Thine Altar, O Christ

A Eucharistic hymn about the Sacrament of the Altar and its benefits.

1. Here at thine altar, O Christ I will kneel
To eat and drink of this Supernal Meal.
Lord, send upon us thy Spirit’s good grace;
Bless all thy dear children in this sacred place.

2. O taste and see that the Lord God is good.
Richly His table is laid that we would
Eat of Christ’s Body, our Heavenly Bread,
And drink of His Blood, which for us once was shed.

3. Jesus our Saviour abides with us here,
In this blest Sacrament He has drawn near.
Eat of His Body, He gives it to you;
Both body and soul it will truly renew.

4. Here is Salvation’s blest Cup lifted high,
Filled with His Blood, seen by faith’s trusting eye.
The wine is Christ’s Blood, poured out on the cross;
By this He did save us, redeeming our loss.

5. Weigh not our merits, O Lord we do pray.
Naught do we have save for Jesus, the Way.
Unite us to Him, forgive all our sin;
By this Holy Supper grant us peace within.

6. All who partake of this altar in faith
Have life eternal, as Christ the Lord saith.
Grant grace unto us in mercy, O Lord,
With all of thy Church make us one accord.

7. Δ To God the Father let all glory be,
To God the Only Son, we bend the knee,
To God the Holy Spirit all worship be;
One God, of One substance, Blessed Trinity!

Text ©2019 Vicente Solorzano

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