Praise Christ, Who Shines With Splendour

I wrote this hymn for the Epiphany Season.  It focuses on Christ as the Light of the world. It is based primarily on three main events celebrated during Epiphany: The Visit of the Wise Men, Our Lord’s Baptism and the Wedding at Cana.

1. Praise Christ, who shines with splendour;
The Life and Light of men.
Dispel our sin and darkness,
Lord make us whole again.
Lift up your eyes all nations,
Behold God’s Only Son!
Who has assumed our nature,
For us salvation won!

2. His star called forth the wise men
From eastern lands afar.
With gifts they knelt to worship
Our Christ, the Morning Star.
Behold God’s Holy Wisdom
Shines forth on gentile flesh.
Hosanna, Lord! Now save us,
Our souls and minds refresh.

3. Behold what love resplendent
Is ours in Christ the Lord.
For He makes us God’s children,
By water and His Word.
For Christ, in Jordan’s River,
Gave us a saving flood.
All sin He drowned and buried;
He washed us in His Blood.

4. At Cana He prefigured
His Supper, blest divine.
Christ took but humble water,
And turned it into wine.
O Jesus, from Thy altar,
This Mystery does shine.
Thy Flesh and Blood here feeds us
Hid in the bread and wine.

5. O Holy Light Immortal,
Bring forth the Endless Day.
End sin’s dark night of sorrow,
And death’s dark shadow slay.
Arise, O King of Glory,
And smite the evil foe.
Deliver us, blest Saviour,
From every ill and woe.

6. △ All glory to the Father,
And unto Christ the Son,
And to the Holy Spirit;
True God, the three in One.
You hosts of heaven, praise Him,
Let alleluias ring!
Let all the earth adore Him,
His praises ever sing!

Tune: Du meine Seele, singe

Text © 2019 Vicente Solorzano




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