Christ Jesus is the Light of the World

Written for Christ Lutheran Church’s upcoming hymn sing and dedicated to my granddaughter, this is an Epiphany hymn that draws on a variety of Scripture passages including Psalm 119, John 1, John 8, Psalm 27, Ephesians 5, and Revelation 21, all of which talk about Jesus being the Light of the world.  Verses 3 and 4 as a unit point to the teaching that we are admitted to the altar by our Baptism. The tune and arrangement are original, so a PDF link is included below the text.

As with all hymns on this site, a free license for use is granted provided the copyright notice is maintained. If you so desire, you may give a freewill donation to my church. Please make a check payable to Christ Lutheran Church and send it to:

Christ Lutheran Church
ATTN: Theo Kavouras
13812 Bellaire Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44135

Christ Jesus is the Light of the World
dedicated to my granddaughter, ESB

Christ Jesus is the Light of the World
The Light that no darkness can overcome
The Star of the East; My path’s only Light
The Lamp shining through the gloom of night.

In Him there is no darkness at all
The Best and the Brightest, the First and the Last
The Portion and Shield, Beginning and End
A Light to all people; to all a Friend.

This Light is ours in Baptism’s flood.
Possessed with the Spirit of Earth’s only God
We are now made whole; this water now frees
Our sin-withered souls from tyranny.

Now to the altar do we proceed
This Radiance to dine on in Flesh and in Blood
In form here on earth of bread and wine
Yet in, with, and under is Jesus divine.

Wake, sleeper—Rise!—Christ shines on you
Here have you no need of sun, moon, or stars
The Lamb is your Lamp, your All and your Light
Your Glory O man, your Pow’r and Might.

Δ To God the Father, to God the Son
To God the Spirit; the Three in One!
All honor and glory and blessing and praise
To you Lord of all we humbly raise.


Tune: Christus Lux
Text and Tune ©2019 Theo Kavouras


PDF Score


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